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Because SheSays So

June 13, 2017

LA has experienced a cultural renaissance the past few years

and one of the things that we are passionate about at B-Reel and that’s also so exciting with LA at the moment, is the convergence of Tech, Storytelling and Branding/Marketing. Despite this boom in the LA ad scene, there is still a noticeable lack of diversity, especially with women in the workplace.

B-Reel’s heritage from (relatively) gender-equal Sweden means we’ve always strived to create a respectful workplace that empowers women in all different positions. So it was a no brainer for us to support SheSays, the only global creative network for women, and an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative industry.


Eva Mautino and Mei-Lin Rawlinson from our LA office have been leading LA chapter of SheSays for the past three years and have been working on building the local community, bringing some European flavor to the events organized.


“Being a creative person in advertising is tough and demanding and being a female creative or manager is even harder. I’m passionate about mentoring other women in the industry but also about finding role models outside of the ad industry.” Says Eva.


Taking place on June 13th our panel, ‘A Conversation About New Role Models,’ will discuss the importance of lifting other women up as well as creating new role models, showing powerful women setting the path for women working in and with VR. We’ll talk about minorities of color and gender with the hope that they (we) won’t be minorities for much longer. We hope that the evening will inspire both women and men to look outside the box when hiring or telling stories being them an ad or a feature film (just look at all the discussions about Wonder Woman). It’s important to showcase new profiles that we can all learn from and look up to.


Learn more about our June 13 panelists here:


Molly Schiot - Director and Author - the unsung heroines

Zarna Surti - Founder and Editor in Chief - Tonal

Julie Young & Jenn Duong - Co-founders of SH//FT

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