Orange Is The New Black

Client: Netflix

Season 5 Global Mural Launch Campaign

Inspiring viewers with a global campaign that was both tribute and rally cry.

Netflix wanted to get devotees and newcomers alike excited and talking about the Season 5 release of Orange Is The New Black. And with OITNB tackling tough topics with the Season 4 ending – the tragic death of fan-favorite Poussey Washington and the prisoners uniting to take control of the prison – there was an opportunity to take a stand in culture leading into the most anticipated season yet.

‘Stand Up’ became the rally cry for the prisoners fighting for their humanity and dignity as well as an empowering stake in the ground for our current cultural climate.

And to honor the character that motivated the inmates to stand up and unite, we partnered with local street artists, who were also fans of the show, to design and install Poussey tribute murals in nine cities around the world, each creating their interpretation of the character and her strength.

The murals couldn’t be missed and exposed a wide amount of people to the show, with a great response on social and in the press.

Actress Samira Wiley, who played Poussey, said about the murals, ”I think it’s our responsibility as artists to be able to reflect the time that we’re living in, she’s a fictional character that can elicit real change in thought and action from people.”

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