YouTube Brandcast 2015

Client: Google


Celebrating 10 years of YouTube on its largest canvas yet

Brandcast: the largest YouTube event in Germany. The event is an exclusive showcase of YouTube content, the amazing creators behind it – and the millions of passionate fans who make YouTube the web's number one video destination. The event took place at Berlin’s iconic and abandoned Tempelhof Airport.

Google approached us to define the design and motion graphics of all on-screen visuals shown at the event. Quite literally a major undertaking: 90 minutes of ultra-high-definition content, played back on a high performance LED screen, a whopping 32 meters wide.

This task encompassed the creation of motion graphics, custom-built background visuals and exciting screen content for speakers and performances. In addition, we were asked to create the event’s overall visual package, everything from title animations to transitions, intro sequences and even the design of the stage.

Inspired by YouTube’s “This is your canvas” spirit, we set out to create a playful, colourful and human look and feel for the 2015 Brandcast event. The combination of oil paint, watercolour, linework and textures further emphasised the do-it-yourself attitude of YouTube and its creators.

Each speaker and performer had their own unique visual theme tailored to their subject or performance. Famous Berlin landmarks like Brandenburger Tor, the Berlin Wall and Tempelhof Airport itself, visually tied all performances together to form a cohesive storyline throughout the night.

Together with Google’s event production partner InsGlück, we designed the stage to bring our visuals to life. The stage setup contained a large kinetic screen section, synced with our motion graphics. This link between the visuals and the actual stage enabled us to create stunning visual effects like sudden reveals and performers magically appearing, as if walking straight through the screen.

Photographers: Markus Mielek, Stefan Höderath, Google Germany GmbH, Martin Retschitzegger, mbox GmbH

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