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Be Unafraid to Say the Stupid thing

October 17, 2017

B-Reel CSO Kate Hironaka joined Doug Zanger of the Drum as an Exceptional Woman of the World

What makes our CSO an Exceptional Woman of the World? 

Kate is even-keeled, and doesn't approach the business of advertising at a 'crisis' pace. She sees advertising as a way to see the world differently - to provide new perspectives that go beyond just selling a brand. She is an excellent listener, and can find opportunity in even the most mundane of places. Kate is able to solve tough challenges, and and remain collected even at crunchtime. Mostly, though, Kate is a champion of others, be it a colleague or client, which creates a workplace where people feel empowered to try and fail, then try again.  Because when people are unafraid to say the stupid thing, that is when the magic happens. So behind every bit of magic we produce there is a person who has comfortably uttered something stupid :)

Listen to the full interview here.

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