Client: Hurley

Brand launch campaign

Embracing new ways to have fun in the water with the world’s leading surfers

Hurley is known as the world leader in high-performance, ultra-competitive surfing, but that mentality can turn off surfers who don’t have ambitions of being a world champ and want to surf for fun. Our job was to help people realize that Hurley is designed for all types of fun in the water and for all those out there making the most of the world’s biggest playground.

Along with team rider Kai Lenny, known for being a Jack-of-all-watersports, B-Reel and Hurley created a campaign that pushes the boundaries of what you can do in the water—even without the perfect swell.

We traveled to Hawaii to capture firsthand the way Kai is redefining what it means to be a true waterman. Kai’s diverse watersport skills include surfing, kite surfing, and most recently, hydrofoiling, and we captured Kai challenging himself to take his newest skill to the next level.

We made a series of ‘surftorial’ films with Kai, encouraging surfers around the world to give it a go on a hydrofoil and have a blast in the process.

Mirroring surf culture’s habit for sharing quick hits of amazing and beautiful content, we created dozens of video pieces and coordinated their distribution across Hurley’s owned brand channels as well as the social pages of the other surfers involved.

Further, we inserted compelling still photography from our challenge into the feeds of surf fans - featuring Kai Lenny, John John Florence and Koa Smith along with some groundbreaking new Hurley products.

Ultimately, surfers of all ages and abilities were able to see Hurley in a new light: as a brand for everyone that simply loves to have fun in the water, no matter what form it takes.

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